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"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."   –  Franklin P. Adams

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"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change."  – Bill Phillips  

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"Commit to be fit."  – Unknown

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"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states."  – Carol Welch

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"Take care of yur body, then the rest will automatically become stronger."  – Chuagn Tzu

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   Moms find fitness, friendship...
Moms find fitness, friendship in Stroller StrengthPonte Vedra RecorderDemanding workouts and fitness challenges are hallmarks of most exercise groups — but strollers and kids are also an important part of this group of moms. Jacksonville Stroller Strength is a group of moms from around the First Coast that work out ...

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   Making Exercise and Nutrition...
Making Exercise and Nutrition Fun at Upper Crust BagelsPatch.comNo, they were there for a presentation on diet and exercise by local health and fitness experts Tracy Gwozdz, Jeremy Boland and Kim Pearson during the second “Community Connection” event sponsored by Greenwich Patch and Upper Crust Bagel Co.

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   Understanding Kids' Fitness...
Understanding Kids' Fitness From in Utero to the Soccer FieldVoiceofOCCall it the ultimate workout -- a baby's ninth month in utero. Near the conclusion of a full-term pregnancy, an infant often pushes vigorously against the uterine walls and as strange as this may sound, these movements may lay a foundation for fitness ...

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Welcome to Charlotte Fitness Group!

Women doing pushups
The normal gym routine not working?

Gym environment not comfortable?

Get bored easily?

Need some personal one-on-one encouragement?

Charlotte Fitness Group is your antidote!

Our programs are designed to challenge and motivate you to achieve your best. A well designed workout isn’t the whole key to being physically fit; nutrition and attitude also play an important role in achieving and maintaining your goals. We understand that and have developed a system to support and keep you motivated.

Our strength and success lies in our first hand knowledge helping women and men at any age, but especially women in their 40s and above. Many people do not understand the changes that occur and the new needs for nutrition and modifications to achieve weight loss and physical fitness at different stages in our lives. At Charlotte Fitness Group, your trainer, nutritionist and coach know the challenges and they have lived them, so they can help you with real life experiences and advice.

Charlotte Fitness Group’s philosophy is that we are your partner and coach in achieving your goals. Whether it is getting back into shape, maintaining your fitness level, having fun or losing weight, our professionals are there to help you not just during your hour or 45 minute workout! When you sign on with us, you not only get a good workout, you gain a support system with daily tips and encouragement whenever you want it!

Nothing feels better than being “GoodNFit”

This isn't a dress rehearsal – be ready for your life!